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November 4, 2012
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((Is it past Halloween already?  It was cancelled by me...  OTL...  Anyways here's your really late rp journal))

Italy woke up with a yawn.  What day was today?  He lazily rolled over to look at his calendar.  October 31st?  Already?!  He jumped out of bed, landing on all fours.  It looked like he was already wearing his costume.  But it wasn't a costume anymore.  It was him...?  He had wanted to be a cat for Halloween, but for whatever reason, he was a half-neko guy.  He got up on his two feet and ran to a mirror.  
"Ah!  What happened to me?!"  He screamed out.  Then he ran out the door, alarmed, and bumped into you.
((Have you been infused with your costume too?  Does it affect your personality?  Make you evil?  Compromise your living habits?  Comment))


The 2p got up from bed just like his 1p.  Confused and dazed about how his costume had become him.  But this wasn't just any costume.  He was the grim reaper for Halloween.  A dark grin crossed his face and he rose his scythe, transporting himself to in front of you.  
"Satan's been expecting you~". He said as his smirk became wider.
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NorthernSnowStorm Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
((god i'm so late but sooo XD 1P Italia please and she's fused arctic wolf XD))

Arctic had woken up that morning as usual, apart from she'd woken up at 6:30am instead of 6am but she shrugged that off, it was only 30 minutes. she had been staying in the cooler northern part of Italy since she didn't actually live in a house so she just found a place to sleep wherever. when she'd caught sight of herself in a window she noticed white ears coming from her head and a white tail. this was weird and she felt weird, she felt more icy than usual.
when the italian bumped into her, she'd actually smelt and heard him before so she braced herself and grabbed his shoulders "Feli?" she noticed his new features too, no wonder she smelt cat "what is going on?"
I-am-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
He looked at her up and down and immediately calmed down. "oh! You too? Wow I dont know whats going on, ve!" He said. "I thought someone might have had a grudge on me or something-- ehh~ No offense, but its kinda nice to see someone in the same state as me~" He said as he laughed a tiny bit, pathetically. "I'm a half-kitty guy, ve! And thats what I was gonna be for halloween. Thats all I know!" He threw down his paws in defeat.

(('llrighty then. :3 Its all good. X3))
NorthernSnowStorm Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
one of her ears leaned to one side "you smell of cat...." she shook her head "gah, sorry Feli, i guess i am part wolf now" Arctic said apologetically "the instinct might kick in sometimes" she pit a finger under her chin in thought, thinking what might have happened, she wasn't really going to get dressed up for halloween but she did have a dream of being an arctic wolf the night before. this was all pretty weird "i wonder hwat has caused this....i don't sense any magical energy around really..."
I-am-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
"Si si! And-- and signor England hasnt been up to anything, si? I mean I havent seen him lately!" He said, tilting his head at her. "I-i'm kind of craving milk now..."
NorthernSnowStorm Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
she shook her head "niyet, er, no i mean, i was with him just yesturday and we weren't working on transformation spells" she thought a little and looked at him when he stated that "well, cats tend to...." Algen swayed her tail a bit, it had a blueish tinge to it, like the ice when it was packed together and the insides of her wolf ears were black while the fur on the outsides were the same as her tail "well, mayeb we should go somewhere you can get some milk while i try to think about this, maybe it will were off after halloween or something"
I-am-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
"Ah! YOu mean it, ve?! Milk! I want it!" He yelled out, holding up his paws. "And I wanna get back to normal, to, ve-meow! This isnt fun! Every time I see a dog or something, I run! And I cant help it! And when theres like that laser pointer thingy at the wall, I wanna catch it! CATCH IT!" He said, holding up his paws again. "Cant help it. nope-- not at all!" He said. "How have you been coping with it?"
NorthernSnowStorm Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Algen held a claw to her lip as she thouht about any abnormal behaviour she might have been having
"well, i guess i have a craving for meat and i feel like i need to chew on something....." she stopped and thought again, "i guess more will become apparent later, but for now apart from the tail,e ars and paws," she looked down at her wolf-like paws with their black pads "i am relitively normal"
I-am-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
"Well thats so amazing for you, ve! Please! Please- I need milk! Here! Vieni con me! {come with me!}. I have to have milk now, ve! NOW!" He yeled out, becoming impatient as his cat side showed even more.
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sassypants134 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"um... why hello italy how are you?" sharah blushed she was dressed as a 50's sock hop sweetie with the poddle skirt and everything
I-am-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
"Uhm-- uh. Good." He said, forcing a small smile at her, trying to hide the fact that his cat-like stature was real.
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